About Us

We want to make working out easier for you.

What do you take with you when you workout? Phone, keys, membership card, sweat towel? After finding moving around the gym with a whole host of accessories irritating and following numerous lost membership cards and a scratched phone, we decided to take matters into our own hands and went on to design the perfect workout companion. Combining a towel to mop your brow with an ingenious product for keeping your belongings safe, Blue Frog was born.

We would attend classes and have an assortment of items to carry. We just wanted something to grab that would be at the side of the bench in the gym! We came up with the design and just went for it! We’re a relatively new business so we're excited to see what’s in store for the brand in the future – we’ve got big plans!

Blue Frog sweat towels offer a fantastic solution for workouts on the go. Our unique towels are made of fine, lightweight microfibre fabric which offers fantastic drying results, so when you're working hard a Blue Frog sweat towel will keep you sweat free. With an innovative zipped compartment which is split in two, it offers a safe pocket for your phone and a separate compartment for the rest of your workout essentials.

We're a mother/daughter team from Bolton; one, a new mum who's just given up work following the birth of her daughter and the other, a retiree fulfilling a life long dream of starting her own business!